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Matt Skinner Round PictureMatt Skinner

Matt Skinner is founder of The Building Buyers Club and currently serves as CEO of The Twelvestone Group, a boutique private equity group syndicating value-add apartment buildings and high-performance development and reposition investment deals.

The Twelvestone Group, and its affiliate Twelvestone Realty Services, operates a machine of highly trained, special forces in real estate who’s front sighted focus is to put the best deals together to acquire and/or wholesale to the members of The Buyers Club.

We affectionately call our Acquisitions Team the “A-Team” because they are highly trained, disciplined real estate professionals; the Navy SEALs of Making Deals.

Matt Skinner is also founder of Real People Real Returns, a community of like-minded investors who recognize the value of investing as a Team Sport.

Matt Skinner founded The Building Buyers Club as a way to network more efficiently in the modern age without geographic barriers or physical limitations. Our members benefit from the vision of community by sharing information and deals. We believe that information is power and that teaching is the greatest expression of love.

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